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A New Take on the Tortoise and the Hare

D.G. Schindler teaches children to make friends and be more accepting of others

SPROCKHOEVEL, Germany – D.G. Schindler’s new book, The Tortoise and the Hair (published by WestBow Press) is a new take on Aesop’s famed fable, The Tortoise and the Hare. The story of Tully the Tortoise is an entertaining read that teaches children to accept others that are different.

The Tortoise and the Hair TitleTully the tough tortoise is very popular among the other tortoise kids – that is until he discovers he has grown a hair on his head. It was this tiny reason that he became rejected by his friends. Despite his differing appearance, one small turtle wants to become his friend.

The Tortoise and the Hair shares a valuable lesson with young readers. As Schindler says, “in life’s race for friendship, it’s not always the tortoise that wins against the hare; quite often it is the tortoise with the hair that discovers his true friend.”

Schindler describes his main character, Tully, as “the typical macho person who thinks he is the center of the universe. He despises turtles. Yet the true hero of the story is a small green turtle who loves Tully despite his hair and his ostracism.”

The human-like quality of the animal pictures will appeal to children while the wit will make it fun for adults to read to children. Also included at the end of the story is a series of reflective questions that will help children integrate the story into their own lives.





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